SGT Virtual 5k.....Your Way

You Do YOU......For SGT!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 


How do I sign up for the SGT Virtual 5k......Your Way?

To sign up, click HERE.

►How do I donate to the SGT Virtual 5k.....Your Way?

To make a donation, click HERE.

When is the SGT Virtual 5k.....Your Way?

The 5k will run from October 1 through October 18, 2020. You can pick any day that you choose to complete the 5k. You can even spread it out on more than one day if that works better for you!

What activities can I do to participate in the SGT Virtual 5k.....Your Way?

The sky's the limit! You choose your favorite long as it gets you works for us! Suggestions include running, walking, dancing, swimming, golfing, hiking, biking, paddling, swinging, scooting, hula hooping, and so much more!

What do I get when I sign up?

Once you sign up, you will receive a personal invitation to our private Facebook page where you will receive weekly motivational tips, workout ideas, recipes, fun facts, and so much more! As a fundraiser, you will also receive an exclusive SGT face mask, an electronic race bib, certificate of completion, and be eligible to participate in all of our incentive challenges. 

So I signed up, now what?

Now you can pick your favorite 5k activity, start training and start raising funds. Let all of your friends and family know that you are doing the SGT 5k. Ask them to support you by making a donation to your page and encourage them to join your team and do the 5k with you!

Can I create a team?

Absolutely, we encourage all participants to create a team and work together to support SGT! In order to create your team, or join a team, look for the TEAM tab when creating your fundraising page. 

►How do I share pictures and selfies of myself doing my 5k training?


Post your pictures, selfies, and videos to your social media and don't forget to tag SGT! Or click HERE  to email them to us and we will post to our social media.


►What are the hashtags to use on social media for the SGT 5k?


#SGT5K and #SGT5KYourWay


►I'd really like to participate, but at this time I just want to make a donation - how do I do that?


Thanks for your generosity, to make a donation, please click HERE.


►My company or family would love to become an SGT Virtual 5k.....Your Way sponsor this year. How do I sign up as a sponsor?


Thanks for supporting SGT, click HERE for information on becoming a sponsor.


►How long will the SGT Virtual 5k....Your Way campaign be open?


Although you can participate from October 1 through October 18, we will keep the campaign open for additional donations until October 31, 2020.


►I still have a question and do not see it listed here. How can I contact SGT?

You can email us HERE with any questions or for more information


Thank you for your support of SGT --- although this ongoing pandemic impacts all of us, SGT has found a way to look in a different direction to raise funds--yet keep our annual tradition to host a 5k.

Luckily, our "super-powers" are adaptability and creativity!

And remember, your generosity helps to foster self-confidence, social and language skills, both on and off the stage, for all of our SGT students!


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